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11 x 17 PRINT on ARCHIVAL WATERCOLOR PAPER Each Print is signed, numbered, & HAND EMBOSSED with my DOUBLE T logo. LIMITED TO ONLY 100 PRINTS.

AMC's THE WALKING DEAD is AMAZEBALLS! One of my favorite TV shows on air today. I was a fan of the show & then started reading the comic after. Both are GREAT & I love how you can enjoy & still be surprised by what happens in each version without ruining any story plots for yourself.

DARYL DIXON is the MAN! A BAD ASS "take no sh!t from no one" type of character that started out as a Loner & then soon became a a valuable part of the group. This is my illustration of the man, the myth, the DARYL!

This version of the print shows Daryl in FULL ZOMBIE/WALKER/ROAMER KILLING COLOR. They better not kill off Daryl or the WORLD will RIOT!